Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is the 2nd anniversary of our wedding! Just 2 short years ago, we were saying our vows, dancing the night away and then embarking on the cruise of a lifetime.....and the journey of a lifetime. Because our Florida trip was somewhat of an anniversary gift to ourselves, we don't really do actual presents, and because it's on a Monday, we had Second Anniversary Observed yesterday. With much fanfare, I put my wedding dress on and twirled around. I wish I could wear that thing everyday. I felt stunning in it.

To celebrate, we had filet mignon and bleu cheese mashed potatoes. As luck would have it, while shopping for our wine night selections, I happened across this bottle of 2003 Reserve Shiraz from Greg Norman. I've never met a Greg Norman wine I didn't like. Unfortunately, his price point is slightly higher than what I spend on a random bottle of wine. This special vintage was on sale that day, marked down to just $17.00. It was originally priced at $59.99. Can you believe that discount?! A special wine for a very special occasion indeed.

According to their website: "The deep, purple hued color of the 2003 Greg Norman Reserve Shiraz is the first thing you notice in this wine. Not far behind are the beautiful aromas of ripe blackberry fruit, brown spice and candied violets. The mouth feel is rich and round with flavors of plums, blackberries, boysenberries and spicy clove. The well structured wine has fine, supple tannins and a long finish." Very complex! I'm too lazy to upload the picture of the bottle but it was absolutely delicious. Having said that, I probably would have been mad if we had paid full price for it. That's far too rich for my blood to spend on one bottle of wine. Here's to another wonderful year!

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