Monday, August 29, 2011

Money Class

The Money Class is the latest offering by financial guru Suze Orman. While I've never actually watched a whole episode of her show, or seen her segments on Oprah, I do know that she offers sound financial advice and has written many books on the subject. Because we could all use a little more money in our lives, I thought it prudent to see what she had to say on the subject after the economy has been in the crapper for so many years.

The Money Class focuses on "standing in the truth" and owning up to where are you financially and what choices and decisions you should really be making about your money. I really liked this way of putting it. Sometimes the information was tough to swallow because things have been so doomsday lately but it's that information that needs to be read by everyone. Orman discusses when you should or shouldn't be borrowing money, how best to plan for retirement, what you should be doing for yourself financially at various stages of your life and much more. As I read, I was pleased with her theories on percentages to save/spend/invest because I am already following them. In fact, I gave myself a continual pat on your back throughout reading this book. I also learned a lot about how to approach finances with your children (not that I have any) and your aging parents. All of that was very interesting.

If you want to get serious about where you stand financially whether you are in super amounts of debt or sitting pretty, pick up The Money Class. Informative, easy to understand and helpful in a number of areas. Check it out.

Rating: * * *

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