Monday, August 22, 2011

One Hundred!

Last week, I harvested my 100th cherry tomato. What a momentous occasion! The name of the plant, Sweet 100, did not let me down. They sure were sweet and I got the promised 100. We celebrated the landmark the way we celebrated the first two tomatoes harvested, rinsing them off from the hose, wrapping a leaf of basil around them, and popping them in our mouths. They were just as tasty as the first.

The fact that I'm dedicating this whole post to how excited these tomatoes make me is quite momentous in itself. I used to loathe tomatoes. I wouldn't eat them raw if you paid me. I could always eat them in things, sauces, salsa, etc. But if one appeared on my salad, it would be promptly pushed to the side of the plate. No thank you, tomato. Looking lonely on the plate after the salad was long gone, my mother would typically scoop them up for her own consumption. True story, one time when I was probably 11 or so, my mom cut a tomato in half and made my sister (also a tomata-hata) sit at the dining room table and eat the halves. We weren't allowed to get up until they were gone. It was a terrible day. Salt, sugar, nothing helped. We could only just plug our noses and choke them down. Thanks for scarring me for life, mom.

What a long way I've come though, right? Just the other day, I cut up a tomato and put it on my salad. I might have even enjoyed it. I'm going to chalk that up to its sweet freshness. I'm not sure I'll be making a habit of that once my growing season has come to close, which is, sadly, just around the corner.

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