Thursday, March 22, 2012


I cannot stop obsessing over these things.

1) White Chocolate M&M's (I can't find a good picture)

Oh my stars! I blame my in-laws for introducing these delicious bites of heaven to me because now they're all I can think about. If you are a white chocolate lover, you NEED to try these. Bear in mind......if you're not interested in polishing off the entire bag in one sitting, have someone hide them after you've counted out your serving. But, make sure you peak when said person his hiding them from you so you know where they are and can unearth them in a moment of weakness, which is certain to come. PLEASE try these.

2) Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars

Did you guys see him perform this on the Grammy's? That was the first time I heard this song and I can't get it out of my head, in a good way. No surprise, it's featured on my current running playlist. I like when he rhymes "carrot" and "share it". I'm strange. But, it's got an awesome driving beat and is super motivating on the treadmill.

3) Mad Men IS BACK!


I have been dying for the new season of Mad Men to start and this premiere is this Sunday! It's been far too long since  I've had my Don Draper fix. Pour your Manhattan and settle in for a classy night.

4) Hunger Games movie opens tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG! I've been not so patiently waiting for this but I have to wait even longer despite its opening tomorrow. John and I are seeing this next weekend for my birthday observed. Can.not.WAIT!

What are you obsessed with lately?


  1. I'm obsessed with all of these things EXCEPT the white chocolate M&M's. I might have to go find those now to complete the love! (Also, I heard the Bruno Mars song on So You Think You Can Dance? last summer. I'm obsessed with that show you ever watch it? -Alison O.

    1. I LOVE SYTYCD! I must have missed that one. If you're lucky, the white chocolate M&M's might be on clearance still somewhere. Get em fast!

  2. Here's a really random Japanese (I think) YouTube-esque site that has a good video of it. Really high energy - totally fits the song! -Alison O.


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