Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recipe Reblog #9

Did you all have an Irish-y day yesterday? I have Scottish roots and am not Catholic so St. Patrick's day for me is no great shakes. If I don't decorate for it, it's a non-holiday. The best part of the 17th for me is the Guinness. Corned beef and cabbage? SO not my jam.

Baked French Toast: Guys. I don't even like French toast but when I saw this recipe on Annie's Eats it spoke to me. What is that about? Call it broadening my breakfast horizons. Maybe it stems from the fact that for the first three quarters (or more) of my life, I did not like breakfast. Didn't like it, wouldn't eat it. The fanciest I got was cereal. And that was only to stop my stomach from growling during 3rd period French in high school. (What I wouldn't give to take French again).

I cut this in half because only 2 people (me and my lover.....just and John) were eating it. I also had to use my Christmas mini loaf pans to bake it. I could really use some proper ramekins. It's made the night before in just a few minutes and results in a fancy Saturday morning breakfast. This meant that after I let Sadie out at 6:30 am and went back to bed, John could pop it in the oven at 7:30 when he declares he's awake for the day.

So, how was it? For me, it was just all right. John loved it. I guess I'm still not a French toast person. It had good flavor but I just don't like soggy bread. I gave it a sleeve in my recipe binder anyway because he liked it so much though. I also think it would be good to serve to our next B&B guests........not that we have any on the books.

P.S. I have since learned the error of my breakfast-hatin' ways. While French toast isn't high on the list, waffles, pancakes, scones, doughnuts, muffins, crepes, egg sammiches and pretty much everything else is A-OK!

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