Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Things You'll Never Hear Me Say:

-These diamonds are just too big for my style.

-No thanks, I'm off carbs.

-Wine isn't my thing.

-Reading is so boring.

This is my new spring polish. I love it but it's very polarizing. The guy at the oil change place said, "That is some wild nail polish" and not in a good way. A friend of mine said all the kids where she teaches are wearing it. Does that mean I'm too old to pull it off? Say it ain't so!

It's Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear. All of the expensive brands have their own version of mint green this season but I liked the size of this bottle for $3.19 at CVS. For as much as I'll probably wear it, do I really need to spend $8.50? I don't think so. Also, I don't care what anyone says. Sally often stays on better than a lot of those expensive brands, coughOPIcough.

Also from this past weekend, a tasty looking tray of craft beer. We met our friends at a local winery, Valley Vineyards, that has just started brewing their own beer. There were two that stood out for me over all others: Orange VV, which is an American Wheat with a similarity to Blue Moon and the Port Barrel Ale, which they brew/store in leftover barrels that their port wine ages in. YUM!

Hope you had a great, sunny weekend too!

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