Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recipe Reblog #8

Soup's On! And also chicken tenders.

Skinny Creamy Carrot Ginger Soup: I eat soup for lunch every day at work. You want to save money and calories? Eat soup for lunch. Economical and healthy. This one is especially healthy. You just need a bag of baby carrots and a few other ingredients you likely have on hand. A few changes I made......I didn't have fresh ginger. I used 1 tsp of ground and it was the perfect amount. Additionally, I do not own an immersion blender. I blended mine in two separate batches in my regular old blender. Put the lid on but leave the center cap off. You need to let that steam loose. P.S. This delicious, easy soup only has a little over 100 calories per serving. If you're a soup lover, this one is right up your alley. Great flavor combo and surprisingly filling.

Maple Mustard Buttermilk Crusted Chicken Tenders: I don't know if it's an eat-with-your-hands thing or what but I LOVE chicken tenders. I would never turn one down. Don't offer one to me if you don't really want to give it up because I will eat it out of your grubby mitts. These chicken tenders though? They're so fancy! I had all the ingredients on hand, which I love. I let them marinate overnight and the seeped in buttermilk made them super juicy. Crusted in panko and cookbaked, get this....on a cooling rack on top of your baking sheet! This lets the heat get all around those bad boys and results in crispity goodness. What? Crispity is to a word. Don't question the English major. Note: You do not need 2 full cups of Panko when breading these. I used 1/2 cups and had plenty left over. MAKE THESE! And then eat them. Better yet. Make them and invite me over to eat them.

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