Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I finished sewing a new dress this weekend and had every intention of showing it off to you fine people. Unfortunately, I have two zits the size of Los Angeles on my chin and my hair has ends of the most split nature and roots to beat the band. Really, I’m doing you all a favor because I look so rough. Certainly in no shape to be photographed. This is a shame because the dress turned out great, and just in time for these unseasonable temperatures we’ve been having to take a nose dive. Oh well, it will warm up again soon. After I tend to my hair this weekend and these unsightly blemishes find their way off my face, I promise to show you what it looks like on. Until then, here it is on the hanger. I know, it doesn't look like much now. Just be patient.

I’m also working on a maxi skirt. I’m going to wear it with the TOMS I got as an early birthday present. John harangued me on the hippie-like qualities of both maxi skirts and TOMS but I don’t care. Sure as shootin’ , I know more about fashion than he does. Just waiting for my elastic thread and new double needle that I ordered to arrive on my doorstep. I heart Amazon. Where else can you order K-cups AND sewing accoutrement in one fell swoop?

In other news, we John replaced all the mini blinds on the 2nd floor this past weekend with 2” wood blinds. What a difference! We’ve had the larger slatted blinds on the first floor since we moved in but never got around to the upstairs. Now we don’t have to be embarrassed by the broken ones facing our backyard neighbors. We went faux because honestly, who cares if that wood is real? You can’t tell from the street anyway and our curtains upstairs stay mostly drawn.

Party on, party people!

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