Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Have you guys ever heard of Ebates? I have to thank my sister for turning my onto this awesome site. I do a lot of online shopping. I love shopping in a brick and mortar store but if I can get it online (usually for less) and find a free shipping code, I'm there! Ebates is a site that offers a percentage of cash back for 100s of online retailers. The percentage is pretty low, 1 - 3% on most things. But, they often run specials where it's slightly higher, 5-6% cash back. There are also daily doubles in which they select a store every day and double the amount you get back just for that day. It's great!

So far, I used ebates when I bought my mom's mother's day gift from JC Penney, when I ordered John's glasses online from Eyebuydirect (6% on that one!), and when I booked our Niagara Falls hotel through Priceline. The other day I got a check for $5.98 and I already have $7.75 pending. There are so many stores to shop from on here! Target, Gap, Banana Republic, Expedia, Walmart, etc. and so on.

All you have to do is set up a free account and then search for your store on their site. You click over to the retailer's website through ebates so that it will register your purchase and that's it! Pretty awesome stuff. If you refer someone, you get $5.00 when they sign up. When I set up my account, I listed my sister as my referrer and she got $5.00. Spread the wealth, right?

Now - they are not paying me for this post but I would be crazy excited if you click through this link and sign up. Then I get $5.00 if and when you make your first purchase. PRETTY PLEASE! You all love me, right? And I know you all want to save some money and earn some money.

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