Monday, June 25, 2012

Shopping Score

I'm not supposed to be shopping because we are about to go on vacation but surprise I couldn't help myself. All t-shirts at the Gap were on sale and I was just lamenting to John that I have no t-shirts. How fortuitous! Somehow, the bulk of my summer-wear is comprised of tanks, tube tops and halters. Oops! So, I just HAD to buy 4 t-shirts because I needed them. Don't judge me. I accidentally bought yellow, blue, green and purple in various solids and stripes even though less than 2 months ago I declared that this summer I could only purchase pink or red tops because I had none. Oops again. They were less than $8 each. I'm nothing if not a bargain hunter. Speaking of bargains......

RUN - don't walk to your local Limited store. This little beauty is on sale for $19. You read that correctly. NINETEEN DOLLARS!

Buy Here

It's their ponte knit pencil skirt. High-waisted and oh so comfortable. I bought the navy and cream striped one pictured above (No, it's not really black). Here's a bonus for you: it's super stretchy so they recommend going down a size. Do you know what that means for Ashley? I bought an 8. That's right. A single digit sized skirt. Oh happy day! Bonus #2: all those squats and deadlifts are paying off because this skirt makes my butt look amazing and I'm not ashamed to say so. Or maybe it's my butt that makes the skirt look so good. Semantics.  It also comes in a variety of solids and a navy and pink stripe that I had to put back because I was only allowed to buy one. Not sure how long the sale lasts but it typically retails for $59.90 so skedaddle on over to your closest Limited store.

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