Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hare Affair

My backyard has become rabbit central. I’m not sure where they are coming from as there are no woods nearby. My guess is a mama rabbit got busy and these are the babies. Naturally, I squeal with glee every time I see one of them outside because I love rabbits. If I have a chance to hold a rabbit (which doesn’t come up often), I take it. I have always ALWAYS wanted to own a bunny. There are many who would disagree that even a litter-trained rabbit would be swell but I don’t care.

Even though I love seeing the bunnies out there, the problems they present are two-fold.

1) I have reason to believe they have been noshing on my strawberry plant. Who wouldn’t want to eat a delicious berry right of the vine? Bunny’s not gonna pass on that action. Because they can fit through the fence slats, I cannot keep them out of the yard. I’m not terribly worried about the strawberries as I didn’t expect them to come back this year but the rest of my burgeoning garden is still quite young. The main garden has another fence around it. Hopefully that security is strong enough to thwart those munching hares.

2) Sadie, as you can imagine, has taken a strong, shall we say, interest in the rabbits. When she spies them from the back door, she starts barking her fool head off. Those bunnies are no dummies. They seem to stay just outside the perimeter of her lead and so I feel confident that no hare will be harmed if we put her outside. However, after hooking her lead to her collar, if Sadie sees a bunny then, she tears after it and clotheslines herself. Quite a sight. Then there’s the other problem of when we do let her outside off lead (which is only under supervision). Last year under my not so watchful eye, she ingested a large amount of rabbit poo only to have it quickly reappear on my living room carpet. Classy canine.

What keeps rabbits at bay? Is there any hope? While I like watching them hop around, I am concerned for their safety around Sadie and the safety of my garden around them.

P.S. I tried to capture a picture of these cute little guys but they were too darn fast.

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