Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Road Trippin'

We’re off on a road trip! Saturday morning we embark on a 10 hour journey to Vermont. We are headed to an annual family reunion and this is the first time I am not just riding in my parents’ vehicle. I feel so grown up! Unfortunately, I really hate long car rides but flying there is quite a feat. Must fly to Albany, rent a car and drive 2 ½ hours further. And don’t forget the sleeping bags, towels, etc. and so on. Better to just drive ourselves and our stuff, yes? The longest John and I have ever road-tripped together was 7 hours to visit a friend in college while we were also in college. John drove the whole way on principle. The principle that he didn’t want me to drive. Not sure why as I’m a fine driver and have received nary a ticket, citation or warning from an officer of the law. This is okay as I really loathe driving. Truthfully, I’m the better navigator anyway. I’m not sure how this happened as my sense of direction is atrocious. The fact is I’m just good at reading printed directions and listening for Penny’s (our friendly GPS narrator) instructions. I am also good at supplying the driver with snacks, playing police lookout, announcing that I have to go to the bathroom and napping. All extremely important qualities in a co-pilot.
Accepting any and all submissions of music to download for mix CD’s. Yeah that’s right, CD’s. A month or so ago I unearthed the same mix CD I made for the aforementioned 2003 road trip. Brought back a lot of memories of R. Kelly’s Ignition and the like. Would like to create the same song-related memories 9 years hence.
Also accepting good road trip car games. Be creative! None of this license plate Bingo business.
Please send your well wishes for a safe journey. Full report upon return. Pinky swear.

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