Monday, June 11, 2012


You guys. My car is a mess. I have been telling myself for months (months!) to vacuum the carpets and clean it out. You can see how this falls by the wayside. I get in the car in the morning and say out loud, “Oh yeah, I need to clean in here. Maybe this weekend.” I forget about it during the day. I get back in to come home and say, “Man this car is dirrrrty.” Sometimes that’s accompanied by a whistle of disbelief. “Must deal with that this weekend” I say again, because I am incapable of doing chores on a school night. I haven’t been in any sort of school in more than 7 years but I still call weeknights school nights. Same diff. On Friday, I pull into the garage and am so excited that the weekend has arrived. Once I shut the car door, I promptly forget about the pigsty within.
Some weekends, my car isn’t driven at all so I’m not reminded again of the offending situation until Monday morning. A vicious cycle. The thing is, my car isn’t dirty with “stuff” per se. It’s mostly dried leaves (from last fall) and dust. Lots of dust. At present, the only items that do not belong are:
1) A belt I removed on the way home after dinner at a friend’s house last weekend because I ate too much (Back off, gentlemen - I'm taken!)

2) 16 hard candy wrappers (I am obsessed with hard candy because it’s like candy without the calories – yes, I know it has calories. I almost always have at least one piece of hard candy on me. Maybe you didn’t know I’m preparing for being a grandma)

3) A couple random plastic bags in the event Sadie is riding with us and we have to clean up after her at a rest stop

See - not so bad. Still. I really must clean weekend. Or at least before our impending road trip which is now less than 3 weeks away! John and I are driving to Cleveland and leaving Sadie in the care of her grandparents (human, not canine). Then we'll make our way up to Vermont for an annual family reunion that John has never attended and that I haven't been to in about 6 years. We'll spend time in the Green Mountain state relaxing and visiting. Swimming, boating, s'mores-ing and touring a place that is near and dear to my heart. Then on the way home we're spending a night or two at Niagara Falls. We went there a few years back and figured since it's on the way, might as well break up those 10 hours on the road a bit.

Can't wait!! But really, cleaning the car has become priority numero uno. Promise.

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