Monday, April 29, 2013

A Town Like Paris

As I am trying to absorb all things French prior to my European adventure, I thought I'd check out something other than a travel book.


Good Reads' Synopsis: "At the age of twenty-eight, stuck in a dead-end job in London, and on the run from a broken heart, Bryce Corbett takes a job in Paris, home ofl’amour and la vie boheme; he is determined to make the city his own—no matter how many bottles of Bordeaux it takes. He rents an apartment in Le Marais, the heart of the city’s gay district, hardly the ideal place for a guy hoping to woo French women. He quickly settles into the French work/life balance with its mandatory lunch hour and six weeks of paid vacation. Fully embracing his newfound culture, Corbett frequents smoky cafes, appears on a television game show, hobnobs with celebrities at Cannes, and attempts to parse the nuances behind French politics and why French women really don’t get fat. When he falls in love with a Parisian showgirl, he realizes that his adopted city has become home. "

What I Thought: This was a fun little memoir. Bryce is likable with an easy writing style. His stories were amusing and his friends were entertaining. I probably liked this one specifically because I'll be in Paris soon. If you haven't been to or are not going to France, you probably won't like this one all that much.

Rating: * * 1/2

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