Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I didn't post anything about the Boston Marathon bombing last week because I wasn't sure what to say. While I don't ever have designs on running a full marathon let alone ever having the ability to qualify for Boston, as a runner I still felt totally shocked and saddened by the events. After being devastated for those who lost their lives and all of the injuries others sustained I can't help but also think about the hard work that went into training and all that was ripped away from the athletes. The families and friends who only wanted to be supportive of the accomplishment.

The day after the bombing, I ran my 4 short miles thinking about that horrifying scene. I don't think there is a runner anywhere who would say, "Well that's it, I'm not going to race anymore because of what happened." From everything I've read, it seems quite the opposite. The support from a running community rocked by terror will never fade.

The only thing to do now is, of course, keep on running. For health. For healing. For catharsis. For Boston.

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