Monday, April 15, 2013

Scenes from a Weekend

Hey, hey it's Tax Day! I hope you've filed. I file as soon as I get all necessary papers so I can get my money fast. Then, I spend it even faster. Ha!

I finally made it back to hot yoga on Saturday. Praise the Lord! It's been a month since I had the chance to go to class and I was missing it hard core. Felt good to get sweaty but there was a moaner in class. She moaned and groaned something fierce during every pose and then moaned in relief after every pose finished. Yikes. Also, a 60+ year old, muscle-shirt-wearing man was doing push ups next to me before class started. Why?

I got to wear my new Y-Tank from lululemon. Let's just say it was pretty amazing and I looked way cute.....even though this picture is small. Five years and I still can't figure out how to size iphone pictures right on here. Darn you, Blogger!

After yoga, John and I ran countless errands and encountered several odd cashiers at various locations. It also took the barista at Health Foods Unlimited an insane amount of time to make a latte. She apologized, but dang. It's just coffee.

Then we came home and did some serious garage cleaning and organization. I mean SERIOUS. We hung some Rubbermaid fast track things on the wall and now everything has a place. I also threw out a bunch of crap and swept the floor. We know how to have fun.

We dined at a local restaurant and went to our little wine bar that we haven't been to in 2 months. When did I get so busy and yet how do I feel like I have no life?

There was live music, a father and son duo. In between sets the dad worked the crowd and when I complimented his rendition of Sweet Baby James and asked for more James Taylor he said, "How about some Elton John instead?" I said that would be great. (BTW - Elton John just came to Dayton for a concert. Dayton, of all places. It was $$$$ so we passed). In the second set, the musician says, "Here's some Elton John for the lady in the corner." ME! I was the lady in the corner. So, I'm pretty famous now. NBD.

Then, for the second night in a row, I fell asleep on the couch and woke myself up at 2:00 AM to head up to bed. I told you I know how to have fun. P.S. Sadie woke us up at 5:30 both Saturday and Sunday. Not cool.

How was your weekend?

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