Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Running Round Up

It's APRIL! My birth month. The end (we hope) of winter. The beginning (we hope) of some outdoor miles. March was a good running month for me. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Mar 3: 7.1 mi in 1:04 

Mar 5: 4.1 mi in 33:53, 9:23/8:24/8:10/7:56! 

Mar 7: 5 mi in 43:02, 8:36 avg pace 

Mar 10: 6.1 mi in 55:59, 9:10 avg pace 

Mar 12: 4.1 mi in 35:59 9:10/8:56/8:43/8:23, glute pain 

Mar 17: 8 mi in 1:14, 9:20 pace 

Mar 19: 4.1 mi in 34:43, 8:52/8:27/8:20/8:10 

Mar 24: 6 mi in 57:24, hamstring pain, 9:36 avg pace 

Mar 26: 4 mi in 33:26, 8:48/8:22/8:21/7:55 !!, 400 repeats

Mar 30: 2.25 mi OT in 21:??

Total: 50.75 miles

I met my 50 mile goal with a day or so to spare. It's definitely time to register for the half marathon John and I want to do in September. I'm afraid it's going to sell out soon and the price just went up $5 a person. Better get on that!

I also got new shoes this month! They're the newest Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 series. I really like their fit and weight (super light for a stability shoe). But, I wish they came in more exciting colors. All of the other Brooks styles have fancy, neon versions and mine are boring old gray, white and blue. I'm working on wearing them without my orthotic inserts too and so far, so good. I've been wearing orthotics for several years to correct pain in the balls of both feet while running. I'd love to not be as dependent on them and they diminish the comfort of the shoe because they're only sort of pliable. We'll see.......

In the coming months as I lace up to go outside, I need to work on keeping up the speed I've acquired on the treadmill. Basically I need to push myself harder. I'm up to the challenge!

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