Sunday, April 7, 2013

Recipe Reblog: Chocolate Stout Bread

The minute this recipe popped up on my reader I knew I had to make (despite its sugar content) and I knew who I had to share it with. The Beeroness has done it again!

Chocolate Stout Bread: I used a bottle of Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewing Co. but any chocolate stout will do. I also subbed in 1 cup of whole wheat flour for white. Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe, although I do think I could have skipped the melted butter on top. This bread was full of flavor! The stout-ness did not really cook out though so if you don't like beer we can't be friends, you might not be super into this. But, if you like chocolate and you like beer, you will LOVE this. It won't last long.

Today is the day.

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  1. Good stuff, enjoyed every bite!


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