Monday, August 24, 2009

Duffle Bag Teaser

I have had this fabric, again, for a number of years. I also have had a desire for a quilted duffle bag for quite some time after having discovered Sadie had gnawed a hole in my rolling duffle so I can't zip up the side. Thanks, girl! Anyway, while Vera Bradley makes beautiful luggage, her prices just don't suit. Thus, the fabric. It's two-sided, polka dot on one and a pretty paisley that apparently does not photograph well.

I bought a pattern for a duffle bag but upon review, realized it would create a satchel much too small for my purposes. I needed it to hold, at minimum, 2 nights' worth of clothes, etc. The pattern I bought would have only made a 22" long bag. That's barely one night with the way I pack. So, I said to myself, "I can make my own pattern. Easy peasy!" And that's what I've done. Here's Sadie helping me cut it out.

Stay tuned......hoping this duffle can make its maiden voyage to Niagara Falls in 17 days!

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