Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vino for me

Valley Vineyards is quickly becoming our new favorite place! Too bad it's so far out of the way. It's a nice drive, unless you're re-routed around a street fair and cruise-in that takes up the entire town of Lebanon. But, yesterday, we made it anyway and met C & J there to catch up. We haven't seen them in FOREVER. I'd say since spring. So, it was good to hear what they've been up to and then go see their lovely new home afterward. This time at the VV, we tried the dry tasting tray. Now, I love a good Cabernet Sauvignon but we were not crazy about the 9 wines that came on the dry tray. So much so that we went and ordered the sweet tray directly following. Much better! We bought a bottle of the Concord and called it a day. And now I'm really looking forward to our September Niagara trip. Vineyards aplenty!

Our B&B is bustling this coming weekend. My parents are coming back again for a 2 night stint Friday and Saturday. I'm hoping my mom and I will actually get to Waynesville this time and that the guys' tee times aren't rained out. Then my aunt is staying over Sunday night. Busy, busy. It also means, we don't really get a weekend. Oh well. We like guests and we probably won't see my parents again until Christmas.

In running news, my new shoes came in and had their first run yesterday. Unfortunately, I still had my foot pain. I was pretty bummed when I started feeling that about halfway through my run. It means I need to seek out the sage advice of a podiatrist and go from there. I'm not interested in having surgery so I suppose, if that's what's needed, I'll just stop running. Stay tuned....

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