Thursday, February 25, 2010

TGIF -- Almost

OK, no joke, I opened up this post to start typing, and Sadie stepped on the Enter key and posted a blank box. She must have lots to share with her doggie readers.


Y'all, I am in need of some retail therapy. I feel like I haven't been shopping in FOREVER! I take that back. I haven't had a successful shopping trip in forever. I did go to the outlets a couple weeks ago but only spent $6. Lame. So, we're headed to the mall this weekend and I'm super excited. Buying things always cheers me up and I've got the winter blues, big time. The problem with building up a shopping trip this much is I'm almost always disappointed by the outcome. I guess I'll never know if I don't try. Right? I'm not even in search of anything specific so I have better odds of coming out loading with packages.

I promised John two dinners out this weekend. TWO! Unheard of. This is in order to prepare for our month-long restaurant hiatus. Also, we're moving our grocery shopping to Friday night for the second week in a row. Watch out now. This is because we are losers and never have plans on Friday night. This means we can sleep in on Sunday now because we don't have to beat the rush to Meijer. Anyway, Friday we're going to Noodles & Co. which is a restaurant we have just discovered. It is a chain so maybe there's one near you and boy howdy is it GOOD! And inexpensive. Thumbs up! Saturday night is our actual Last Hurrah at Bonefish Grill. Yum. And we have a gift card. Thumbs up again. Thumbs up for everyone!

I guess my point is, this week and February in general have been long and hellacious. I won't be sad to see them go.

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