Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Redux

Before I get into my Valentine's Day, I have something else to address. Snow, enough is enough. I think we can all agree that your day is done. You've had your fun and even though it's only halfway through February, it's really time for you to go. I am tired of brushing you off my windshield and driving in you. I am also tired of being a nervous passenger in a car while driving in you. You make it un-fun outside. There is so much of you here in Dayton that when Sadie jumps in you, you cover her back. Only her poor little head pokes out. She hates this. Get thee to Vancouver, where they really need you, post haste!

On Sunday, my parents got on the road after breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Mmmmm, fried apples. Just because it was Valentine's Day did not mean we could lounge around feeding each other grapes. No sir. We bundled up for our normal errands and even got ourselves to the gym after a weekend of gluttony. I am pleased to report that while my foot did start hurting something fierce towards the end, my pace on my first 2 miles is back where it used to be. Super fantastic!

John sent me flowers at work earlier in the week because he's awesome. This is one of the lilies that opened up over the weekend. A whole week later and they still look great!

We decided we didn't feel like going out to eat so we picked up some stuffed chicken breasts at Meijer (not so great) and I tried a new side dish. The recipe for Toasted Orzo with Peas and Pasta is here. It was delicious! I love orzo. Let me tell you, this makes a TON of food. I even cut it in half and it fed John and me as a side dish for three nights, because we practice portion control when possible. Anyway, you should try it out. I also bought some tiramisu, which was quite tasty.

With dinner, we cracked a bottle of wine we purchased on our travels in Niagara on the Lake. I am so reluctant to open these because they are special and you can't get them around here. I have to remind myself of that line in Sideways about not waiting for a special occasion to open special wine. The day you open the wine, that's what makes it special. So, I gave in to John's pleas and uncorked a bottle of Pinot Noir Rose from Inniskillin (our favorite winery!)

Here is the bottle, and Sadie with a haircut. She's so cute. Anyway, the label on the bottle suggests this wine "displays aromas of strawberry and rhubarb. On the palate, cranberry and raspberry notes combine with a touch of spice and lead to a refreshing finish." Couldn't have said it better myself!

A lovely Valentine's Day indeed.

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