Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nocturnal Admissions

I think I've told you John often talks in his sleep. Usually when this happens I try to keep him talking and have a nonsensical conversation. Because it's hilarious. Last night:

John (raising his hands up in the air): Why is there blue everywhere?
Ashley: What?
John: Blue. It's just blue everywhere.
Ashley: What's blue?
John (shaking hands in the air): There blue everywhere!!
Ashley: I think you're asleep.
John: No, it's blue.
Ashley: Go to sleep.

Apparently, he was talking about blue highlighter. The highlighter had leaked all over his hands. He couldn't tell me that this morning when we woke up and I asked him, but he remembered that fact just now as I relayed the events again. He was quite adamant during this particular sleep talking and the hand gestures were just icing on the cake.

Do you have a sleep talker in your life? This woman at Sleep Talkin' Man does. If you want to laugh for hours, check out her blog. Her husband is way more loquacious than John. Something for him to aspire to.

SOOOOOO EXCITED for the season premiere of LOST beginning in less than an hour. WHEEEE!!!!

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