Friday, February 19, 2010

Les fetes des weekend

This weekend, we're headed up north for a wedding (dry) and a birthday (no cake). Nevertheless, we're looking forward to seeing family and celebrating these two occasions. We have not been home since Christmas. It always feels strange to call it home considering we live in Dayton full time and have for nearly 5 years. So, that's not really our home anymore and hasn't been for some time. Anyway, this wedding has no booze. I have never been to a dry wedding before. I'll be sure to fill you in on all the not-so-sordid details.

In a wonderful turn of events, we struck it rich at Meijer tonight! John and I have been on the hunt for Valentine's candy corn/mellowcremes. Sadly, we found none. I was going to order some online for John as a surprise but you could only purchase it by the pound and it was pricey. I didn't really think we needed a whole pound of sugar. Since the stores starting putting out their Easter candy, we scour the aisles for Bunny corn. If you're not familiar with Bunny Corn, it's candy corn in pastel shades for Easter. See?

Oh, glorious day! Brach's calls it Pastel Candy Corn but I prefer to call it Bunny Corn. It's cuter and Pastel Candy Corn is a mouthful. I guarantee my sister is jealous of this find. She loves candy corn as much as we do. B, have you found it in Texas? You will have to let me know.

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  1. We were at Target last night but we didn't go in the candy aisle. We went straight for the cupcakes. I'll have to look next time we are there. :)



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