Monday, February 8, 2010

I am not a baker.

I never should have let my baking successes at Christmas fool me. I am not a baker. I am a decent cook. I cannot bake. My sister likes to bake and I like to cook. She is the yin to my yang in the kitchen. Stupidly, I thought I would attempt to make homemade fortune cookies for my staff for Valentine's Day. I had grandiose visions of dipping the ends in white chocolate and sprinkling them with red sugar. How foolish of me. This recipe seemed easy enough. It had very few ingredients, always a plus. Things even seemed like they were going so well. See?

You fold them over a glass to get the classic shape. See my fortunes to the right there? They say Happy Valentine's Day. That's not really a fortune. More of a well wishing. Anyway, check out my first two. Not bad, eh?

After that it all went down hill. The next few cracked and I was forced to eat them. I even ate one cracked one while John took Sadie outside to get rid of the evidence of my defeat. Then I burned my fingers multiple times because you have to work quickly or they don't fold right. I only finished five. I needed 12.

I know I'm not a good baker. It's ok. It's just frustrating when things don't work correctly the first time. But I suppose, if at first I don't succeed....maybe move onto cut-outs?

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  1. Those first ones do look good, sorry they didn't turn out :(


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