Friday, February 12, 2010

Parental Invasion

Blogging this weekend may be intermittent as my parents are in town for a visit. They live most of the year in Florida so I made sure to order up a good foot of snow to remember what it’s like living in Ohio. Speaking of snow… the bathroom at work there is a little sign that says ‘Let it Snow’ and there’s a snowman on it. Every day I want to punch that snowman in the face. Spring can’t come fast enough. I digress. I really enjoy when my parents visit, however, in the winter it’s difficult to come up with activities for them. When the weather is warmer, the men golf and the ladies shop. Well, the ladies can still shop but what are the men to do? This Saturday we’ll be having a romantic Valentine’s Day observed dinner in so that we don’t have to mess with restaurant crowds. Romantic, no? We’re having salmon, as yet undetermined side dishes, and hot fudge sundae cake in the crockpot! I was going to do Martha’s lava cakes but don’t really feel like putting in the effort. I think I’m using a Martha recipe on the salmon though. I trust Martha.

John and I are not huge celebrators of V Day. We haven’t done gifts for it since college but he did send me flowers to work earlier this week. Wasn’t that nice? What did I get him? Nothing. I’ll have to come up with something, even though he told me not to worry about it. I still feel like a schmuck giving him the V-Day shaft. I’m also trying to come up with a different meal for Sunday night that I would cook for just the two of us after my parents leave. It was going to be steak but we ended up at Outback last night (which was pretty rough after you’ve had Fleming’s). So, I’m left scouring my cookbooks for a suitable romantic menu replacement. Suggestions welcome……

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