Sunday, February 7, 2010

Productive Weekend

For a weekend that we didn't have much going on, we sure did a lot. First, on Friday night, we found ourselves quickly buried under what would become 8 inches of snow. That led to a lazy Saturday morning when we told ourselves that surely the rec center was closed and there was no possible way we could work out. Might as well brew a pot of coffee and watch TV under a blanket.....until 2:00 pm. Oops. By that point, we decided we ought to venture out bravely and accomplish something worthwhile.

So, we went to AT&T. Yes, we FINALLY made the decision to switch carriers. John is over the moon for his new iPhone. I got an iPhone too, begrudgingly, although I do like it. I just feel like it's an added monthly expense that I don't really need. I'm sure it won't be long before I feel that my iPhone is like an extra appendage and I can't live without it. I would trade my iPhone for a new right foot though. Oh well. At least the never-ending debate over which carrier to go with has now ended. Praise be!

After more than an hour at AT&T, (why does that always take so long?) we got ready to go to dinner with some friends down south. We met at BJ's Brewhouse which is a chain but they brew their own beer. We had a tasting sampler trying their Hefeweizen (really good and citrusy), a Red (also delightful), a Porter (dark and creamy), and a Stout (not our fave -- a bit too intense). Good conversation with good company and then back home to free the beast (Sadie). Oh, and prior to dinner, I bought three pairs of shoes at Dillard's! They were all 70% off so even though I'm not supposed to be spending money and even though they're all brown, each serves a very specific purpose and replaces a worn and sometimes painful to my feet counterpart. 3 pairs for $60, you can't beat that with a stick!

Sunday was busycleaning, running errands and doing our taxes. Hello, refund! And also getting Sadie's hair cut. I feel badly because it's very cold and her hair is now very short but she couldn't see and it was long overdue. Then, running at the rec and home to prepare for the Super Bowl!

I like the Super Bowl for a few reasons. First and foremost, the food. Because this type of fare is not something I eat often (wings, potato skins, etc.) I feel like the Super Bowl gives you a free pass on calories, even though that's not really true. John and I made meatball subs. They were ah-mazing. I used a meatball recipe from Martha. She never lets me down. I also made a knock-off version of my very favorite dip in the world, Chuy's Creamy Jalapeno. Chuy's is my favorite Mexican restaurant, found only in Texas. My sister rolls her eyes at me because Chuy's is a chain and not 'authentic Mexican.' I guess it only takes 4 years of living in Texas to become a Mexican food snob. Anyway, this dip is outta sight! It's not spicy, despite the jalapeno. Well, my first attempt at this recipe-a-like was just so so. I cut it in half because otherwise, it called for a quart of mayo. A quart! Even halving it made a ton. We'll be eating this for weeks. Anyway, I used chiles, which was a mistake, because they don't pack hardly any kick. I got nervous when the can of jalapenos said "HOT" on it. And also, do not use Miracle Whip as your mayo. It has a very distinct flavor that I don't mind on sandwiches, but does not suit this dip. So, next time I will follow the recipe a bit more closely, and use Hellman's. But, it's not bad.....if you've never eaten Chuy's, that is. You wouldn't know what you're missing anyway.

Another reason I really like the Super Bowl is that it ends football season. WHEEE!!!! I like to try to be a supportive football wife (this sounds like I'm married to a player -- let's be clear that I'm not). I watch the games with John and try to feign interest (sorry, honey) but it wears on me. Week after week, month after month. Much like our cell phone debate, football seems never-ending. But, also much like our cell phone debate which ended this weekend, so does football! I'm free until pre-season, well, until the draft really but that's only one weekend in April. OH! I just found out we'll be in Florida for the draft which means John will just be glued to his iPhone instead of comandeering the TV. I used to also like the Super Bowl for the halftime show but they only ever have boring people on now. Also, the commercials aren't as good as they used to be. So to sum up, the Super Bowl is good for: 1) eating sporty foods, 2) celebrating the end of the season.

Hope you all had a great weekend like I did!


  1. Hey! Great job remembering the descriptions on the beer! :) And yes, AMEN to football finally ending tonight! :)

    As always, it was fun to see you guys again! Have a good week! Happy Early Valentine's Day!

  2. I didn't know you had BJ's Brewhouse. We like that place, but the only one here is down south. Did you get the deepdish pizza? Delicious!

  3. I had the fish tacos, my new obsession!


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