Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Couch Conundrum

A few weeks ago, John and I happily ended our living room seating hunt with the purchase of a couch and loveseat from Macy's. We not so patiently awaited their delivery. There were big plans to move our current couch and chaise to the basement so John didn't have to sit on an old chair to play Xbox (priorities.) On Saturday, we deftly moved the chaise downstairs. Then came the couch. After several tries and lots of wall scrapes, we decided we were going to have to take off the couch legs. And the door. AND the railing down the stairs. Ever determined, we tried again. Luckily, I've been lifting weights because we held that couch up for darn near 2 hours trying to make the 90 degree turn at the bottom landing into the main part of the basement.
See brand new, pretty couches.

See couch sans legs, waiting for another attempt to go down the stairs. PIVOT!

Bonus points if you know where "pivot" comes from.

John and I huffed and puffed and sweated and pulled various muscles. Sadie had a field day running through the cave hole the wedged couch created. She also tried to ride down it as a slide at one point. Try as we might, that couch wasn't going to make it. We called for over the phone back up by way of my father in law. He didn't offer much but gave some encouragement. After only one small Ashley breakdown, I said I would ask the Macy's movers for their professional opinion. Macy's Mover Stephen even tried to help us. There was enough clearance at the bottom of the stairs......except for that last step. Macy's Mover Stephen says, "No way, no how." He may not have used those words. I thanked him anyway and tipped in all ones. Totally embarassing but it was all I had!
See current living room, now with comfortable seating for 8!
Anyone need a new-to-you couch??

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