Sunday, February 6, 2011

T-shirt to Halter in no time flat!

A couple weeks ago my instructor hosted a Zumba Beach Party at the studio. I got to guest instruct 4 songs along with a few other folks too. We had a great turnout and an awesome time! SO great that we're going to do another one in April. YEA! I wanted something fun to wear, even if it wasn't super beachy.

I bought this shirt for $4.00 many years ago at Gabriel Brothers. It's just a boring old workout shirt and actually it kind of makes me hotter when I wear it. It's brushed cotton. Not the best choice for running outside. (Read: sweaty mess)

I cut off one of the sleeves (It doesn't matter which you choose) and then cut a curved diagonal from just outside the neckline to the armpit on the other side. DO NOT go crazy with the diagonal or it will be too low cut in the back. I speak from experience the first time I tried to do this. I didn't blog about that because it was an awful, unwearable mess.

This is the armhole that is now the new neckhole. See? The side seam is now a seam down the front.

I forgot to take a picture of the back before I cut it up. Also, I got too excited and forgot to take a picture of the little tabbies I cut before I tied them. I wanted the shirt to be pretty fitted so I cut it up the side, now back, seam. Then, I cut fringe a little less than an inch wide and probably 2 inches long up the back. If you've ever made one of those fleece tie blankets, this is the same concept.

Sorry about the detail but see those little tassels? It looks like ruching but they really are strips of fabric tied in knots.

That's wear I tied each strip to the corresponding one on the other side. Again, sorry for the lack of pictures in this department.

Here it is from the front! I think it's pretty cute for a basically free shirt. I didn't have a halter sports bra but I thought the purple straps looked okay because I had matching purple pants on with. I was beachy! Well, sort of. I was ready to party anyway. :)

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