Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

I'm so glad it's February! January is a horrific month. The sun barely shines. It's cold and brutal. Not to say that February is that much better but at least we have Punxatawney Phil to help us stay optimistic that spring is somewhere around the corner. The other bad part about January, to me, is that I don't really have a holiday to decorate for. I don't have "winter" decorations. Truth be told, I skip right over the icy decor and hang up the hearts for Valentine's Day. I don't have very many Valentine's decorations but I also have a hard time committing to the purchase of any. I'm not sure why. I don't, however, have a hard time using free scraps of fabric.

You may recognize this gray and white wool from my recently sewn cowl scarf. I cut out two hearts to stuff and stitch.

Here's the pink one with the crude stuffing I came up with. It's batting scraps.

I stitched around the outside because I wanted them to fray a bit to give it more
of a handmade look.

I stitched in some hot pink ribbon loops. BTW - the ribbon was the only thing I really purchased for this project. It was only fiddy cent. Here are all my baby hearts lined up.

Then, I attached them to the main ribbon so I could string them up.

This is kind of a rough picture but I strung them up on my dresser mirror. Too cute, right? I love how they turned out. I don't normally decorate the bedroom for a holiday but I thought this mirror was the perfect spot.

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