Thursday, February 17, 2011

Medium Raw

I do not watch Anthony Bourdain's shows on TV. I'm not sure why as I'm a fan of cooking and food shows in general. I think it's because the things he finds to eat do not always look very appetizing. Nevertheless, in my quest to read new authors and new topics, I picked up his latest memoir, Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People who Cook.

Medium Raw flips back and forth between successful Bourdain's life and the life of Bourdain before anyone knew who that was. He talks about chefs he admires and others he loathes. Quite gossipy, this one. He discusses various positions in a kitchen and the quick-paced, oft-grueling life of a chef. Also, there are other things I don't really feel like summarizing. Sorry, I'm lazy today.

If you are easily offended by rough language, you should probably skip this one. Bourdain doesn't pull any punches in that department. That sort of thing doesn't really bother me though. While I found Medium Raw interesting, I think I ought to go back and read his first work, Kitchen Confidential, as that is what really put him on the map. I'd like to learn even more about where he came from and what made him a star, and also the gossiping. I love a good gossip. Anyway, this is a quick read and even if you think you're not really a fan of his, it was entertaining all the same.

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