Monday, February 21, 2011

Pining for Punta Cana

When you have reached a point that you're sick to death of everything in your wardrobe it means it's time for the seasons to change. I am on a big time closet purging mission. There are lots of shirts, pants, skirts, etc. in my closet and dresser that I haven't worn in more than a year and really don't plan to ever wear again. So, it's out with the old. Show no mercy. What this also means is that I'm ready for in with the new. I think my look needs a bit of revitalization. Some pizzazz, if you will. I also need to buy new clothing in my current size. A lot of the pieces I have purged were easily 2 sizes too big. When you wear clothing that is too big for you, you look a lot larger than you really are. Trust me on that one.

So, get ready for an Ashley makeover of makor proportions. Head to toe! Watch out because here comes the new me. :)

Anyway......the reason for this post title is that I'm currently trying to plan a tropical vacation for John and me and Punta Cana is currently in the lead. Something about months of cold, snow and sweaters has me jonesing for the beach. The DR is winning over Cancun for the sole reason that I found a nonstop flight from Cincinnati. I will do anything for a nonstop. The downside to this is that we'd have to board Sadie. Whereas if we fly out of Cleveland (and connect) then our dogsitting is free! This is a tough choice. This will be our first time at an all-inclusive resort. We are super excited about this. Any tips or suggestions? I'm all ears!

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