Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wine-y Wednesday

This past weekend John and I stopped in at our favorite chocolate/coffee/wine shop, Winan's, before we had dinner. This place smells so delicious you want to fall over when you walk in. Their chocolate is smooth, the coffee divine. And the wine, d'vine....get it? There are always a handful of both reds, whites an dessert wines for tasting as well as a number of fun martinis. I was on a white kick and chose the $3.00 pour (half a glass) of the Montevina Pinot Grigio.

The bottle says: "With aromatics of ripe pear, summer peach and lotus blossom, our vibrant Pinot Grigio offers refreshing flavors of juicy Bartlett pears and citrus with subtle traces of nutmeg and spice. Well-balanced and approachable, this wine is the ultimate palate-pleaser."

I have to agree! It was a palate pleaser. Even though we're in the dead of winter, I appreciated the crispness. I think I'll really appreciate it this summer in my backyard. If you come across this very reasonably priced bottle, pick it up!

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