Monday, March 21, 2011


This past weekend John and I tried two new places and they were both winners! I love researching new and fun places to go, restaurants to try, plays to see, etc. and so on. It keeps life interesting and even though we've lived in the area for 5 1/2 years, we haven't really ventured out to a lot of the places on my to be seen and done list. Hello -- See the title of this blog. Duh!
We were total fat kids and tried Smashburger on Saturday. We like Five Guys a lot. We disliked EO Burgers a lot. This Smashburger location has been around for a year, I think. It was super good! I got the Classic Smashburger and we split the Smashfries which were seasoned with rosemary, oregano and something else I can't remember. They were tasty and next time we'll try the sweet potato version. YUM! Can't beat dinner for less than $15. And we were out of there in about 30 minutes. We are fast eaters. :)

After a trip to my least favorite store (Lowe's) I was rewarded by trying a new wine bar/shop just a couple miles from our house, Bella Vino. This was a total winner too! They were tasting South American wines that night, John's favorite wine region. The atmosphere was cozy and the proprietors were so very knowledgeable. We did our tasting and took a bottle of verdejo for the road. Not actually on the road, mind you. Just a reminder, don't drink and drive. We'll definitely be back here in the future!
Oh yeah! I just remembered something else new that I did with a friend this weekend. John was not invited because it was a.....wait for it.......... pole class! That's right, like a stripper. Only I didn't take off a single piece of clothing. This was at a place called Femme Fatale Fitness. Thanks to a Living Social deal we got a "Teaser" class which taught a short burlesque dance routine, two different spins on the pole, and then we swung around on silks. CRAZY! The dance routine was simple but fun. Nothing I couldn't handle. My main concern with this class was making a fool of myself. Luckily, there were close to 20 women there all probably thinking the same thing. All ages, all shapes and sizes. After the dance, we hit the pole. Literally, for me, because I have a gigantic bruise on my calf from a fireman's spin gone awry. Swinging around a pole is hard, yo. More power to all you strippers out there. You earn every dollar in those g-strings, ladies. After the pole was my favorite part, silks! I had no idea these were called silks. These were really hard too. In one move, we were suppose to flip our legs up in a V upside-down. This will be easy, I thought. WRONG! Memories of not being able to flip over the rings on the swingset in my backyard for years came screaming back to me. Cue the "making a fool of yourself" music now please. Other moves I performed much better. I present, exhibits A and B:

This is me doing the splits with the silks. I thought my arms were getting more toned but let me tell you, they're nowhere near where they could be. I learned this on Friday because you pull yourself up out of the split by the silks. OUCH! My arms still hurt 2 days later. Actually, you're also supposed to push up with your legs to take some of the burden off your arms. I forgot this key element.

In this move, my foot is all wrapped in the silk as I lean forward. I rocked this one. Also, I look way skinny in this picture. I don't care if you don't think so because I know I'm right.
We have one more class to attend and that one is a class where you also get to drink wine. My kind of exercise. I didn't really break a sweat but like I said, I was way sore. More strength than cardio here
So what did you do this weekend? Something fun I hope. As for me, I'm just swinging on through to the next adventure!

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