Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bibs for Ben

Some time ago, approximately 7 months, my sister said, "I want you to make liners for these baskets I'm going to use for dirty clothes for the baby." Sure, no problem. Although I feel like she's forever requesting projects from me. Just this morning, I received a link for curtains I'm supposed to make. I guess sometimes it's a good thing she doesn't live in Ohio. Having to pay shipping on the fabric for said projects probably deters her a lot. Love ya, B! Anyway..... my brother-in-law painstakingly traced and taped together multiple sheets of printer paper as a "pattern." With a pattern, sewing would be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. I thought things were going well for about 10 minutes until I realized that the sides of the baskets were sloped and I did not account for that. I apologized to my sister and dropped that project like a bad habit.

Because, like many sewers, I am a fabric hoarder, I hung onto the remaining scraps for an as yet unnamed project. Last week, my sister asked if I could make some new bibs. Seems my nephew is growing in Texas. The nerve! Here is Sadie modeling for me. They are flannel on the front and terry cloth on the back. I hope they fit him okay. They seemed to fit Sadie. Although she's not really as sloppy an eater as a 6 month old just starting out on solids.

4 bibs comin' atcha Baby B!


  1. super cute! Can't wait to get them :0) I'll have to think up a few more projects for you - just kidding!

  2. Love the model! Please post pics of Baby Ben wearing the same little number! Aunt Jane


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