Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Golly Gingham - Simplicity 2246

I believe that this is a relatively new pattern to the Simplicity line. As I was flipping through the Spring 2011 book, it caught my eye because I thought it would be perfect over leggings. I just purchased my first pair of leggings this past year. John hates them. I, however, am constantly searching for items to wear over the leggings because I.love.THEM! This blouse fit the bill. As luck would have it, JoAnn's even had all of the fabrics used in these very projects from the envelope. How helpful! If you want to buy it online, you can do so here, or you can wait for JoAnn's 99 cent sale like I did.

Sorry the pattern picture is so small. My focus is on the pink and white checked tunic in the bottom left-hand corner. Although, I think I may make the shirtdress in the future because it's fabulous.

Here is the finished product hanging up. This was not without it's fair share of seam ripping. I have not yet learned my lesson to measure both the pattern and my body before cutting. I know just as much as anyone else that the given sizes do not necessarily correspond with ready to wear sizes. Silly Ashley. I made it work though. I just let out the side seams as much as possible. My hips are easily a size or possibly 2 larger than my bust.

I really enjoyed this project because it let me try some new techniques and sewing is all about learning, right? Can you believe I had never before used my automatic buttonholer? 7 years I've had trusty Sal. Well, let me tell you, Sal's automatic buttonholer? Not so automatic. I sort of got the hang of it but luckily, I tested on scrap fabric many times first. How terrible to get all the way to your buttons and run your project! Thankfully, that didn't happen here. I also learned how to make a placket. My stitching is a bit wonky here but I know over time it won't look so much like home sewing. And who's staring at the placket stitching anyway. Sheesh! Thirdly, I got another chance at darts. But darts are so easy, you say! My darts never turn out the way I want but they're getting better.


Leggings and wellies!

I really wanted it to be raining for these pictures. I wore my Hunters anyway. I would sew this again in a heartbeat. The fabric is cotton so it'll be really easy for wash and wear (plus iron). The only thing I'm not crazy about is that it's sort of a Mandarin collar. It's just a'ight for me. I'd prefer a pointed collar. Next time.........

So bright, I had to wear shades!

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