Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reading Rut

Guys, I am in a total reading rut. I haven't been that interested in anything I've borrowed from the library lately, which is sad. I love to read and like to make sure I read a little every single day. However, when you're not super excited about the book you're slogging through, it makes it difficult to want to crack the spine. I need an awesome book to get back into it, I think. I do have the last 2 books of the Outlander series waiting for me but they're so long!

In other news, I am really into TV these days because two of my fave reality shows on the Style network returned! It's probably not good that I'm so excited about TV and so uninterested in reading, right? Well, Ruby and Too Fat for Fifteen are worth it. Man, I love a good weight loss show. I especially like these two because they're not a competition. There's no monetary compensation for losing weight. I find them so inspiring as I continue on my journey to lose weight. No, I don't and have never weighed 700+ lbs. like Ruby but I still find her fascinating. Losing weight is hard for anyone, no matter what size you start at.

Also, I'm afraid I've bitten off more than I can chew in Ashley's Sewing World. I have so many projects on my to be sewn pile that it's pretty embarassing. And one of these days we'd probably like to eat at the table again (where my sewing machine is living) instead of in front of the TV. Nah (see above paragraph).

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