Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Escape Artist, part II

Guys. One of our worst nightmares happened. Last Friday night, John and I were in the kitchen. He was making dinner and I was sewing. Sadie, as she often does, requested to be let out to use the facilities (i.e. poo in the yard). The weather was unseasonably warm for having snowed only the night before. Welcome to Ohio. She was having a grand time. Because it was nice, we let her stay out longer than we normally do. About 15 minutes later, I poked my head out the door to check on her. And looked, and looked, and could.not.see.HER!

"Uh, John?"

John hurried to put on his shoes and race into the backyard. I was right behind him, except the only shoes I could find were his size 13 "backyard" slip on shoes. What a sight! Miss Sadie had worked her way under the fence and was standing in the grassy area between our fence and our neighbors fence. Though we were panicked, both of us knew if we yelled she would take off. So, we tried to lure her back in very sweet voices. Then, we couldn't get the gate open to get to the outside of the fence. John leaned over and managed to snag her collar. I was going to run through the house and meet him on the other side but he was able to pull her close enough to lift her up.

Sadie acted as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. All she knows is that she's not allowed out unattended any longer. She may or may not know that a trip to Lowe's is in the works. We'll be rigging up some sort of lead to attach her to so that she still has the run of the yard with the safety of staying put. Crisis averted. We love that doggie too much to have her run away!

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