Monday, February 13, 2012

Heatless Curls

My hair is stick straight. Zero bend whatsoever. If I try really hard and use lots of product, it will hold the curl given from a curling iron but it does nothing on its own.

I followed the steps in this tutorial that I found on Pinterest and a number of blogs last year. I tried this when I first saw it last summer but my hair was too short. Your hair needs to be at least shoulder length or maybe slightly shorter. Mine currently just brushes the tops of my shoulders. You take a thin, stretchy headband and wear it across your forehead, sweatband style. Then you wrap sections of damp hair around it until it's all tucked up and you look like a Swedish  milk maid. (Halloween costume idea?) Then you say nighty night and sleep on it. This wasn't uncomfortable like I thought it would be, or maybe I was just tired.

When I took the stretchy headband out in the morning, I think John had to stifle laughter. You don't like it? I asked. Very 70's, not my style, he replied. Oh well. I wasn't about to redo my hair before work so I did what any normal girl would do, handed my phone to my husband and said, "take my picture."

Disco inferno!

Oh, I got curls all right. Big, bouncy ones the likes I've never seen on my head before. The problem is the top half of my head was all straight. I had to pin back the sides so it wouldn't look as foolish in the back.

Charlie's Angel

Later on, I went to a special event at my salon. My hair dresser was shocked that I had those curls without any heat. They relaxed throughout the day a bit but were still there by 6:00 pm. She thought I looked like Kitty from That 70's Show. You be the judge.

Despite mixed reviews, I would definitely do this again. I think the 70's-ness won't be as prevalent when my hair gets longer. And it would make for a cute, curly ponytail too. It was so easy and fast too. So this Halloween, Swedish milk maid or Kitty? Fingers crossed, I'll get invited to a costume party!

P.S. No fooling. On Thursday I had made a Whitney Houston station on Pandora and was totally rocking out to it. Then this weekend, she passes away. What timing. Growing up, we had her first album on cassette tape. Safe to say, I Wanna Dance With Somebody was one of my favorite songs when I was 5. RIP Whitney.

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