Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vacation -- All I Ever Wanted

I am ecstatic! John and I have not one but two vacations booked for this year. I have a vacationing rule. I like to have the next one booked by the time I take the first one. Mission accomplished! In May, we will be setting off for some fun in the Florida sun. In July, we head to Vermont for a family reunion that I haven’t been to in about 8 years and John’s never attended. He better start learning the family tree now, I think. Two very different locations but equal relaxation.
Is there anything better than a trip? I feel badly for those lacking the travel bug. Exploring new places and returning to old spots always provides a great life experience. Within the Florida trip, we are also going to Key West for a couple days. This is very exciting but I need some Key West tips. Place to stay, restaurants not to miss, etc. If you’ve been, help me out! Sometimes I think planning the trip can be just as much fun as taking the actual trip. Well, maybe not just as much but, pretty darn close!
Sadie will not be vacationing with us but she is one lucky girl all the same. She gets to spend both trips with her grandma. Daily walks and a lot less crate time make Sadie a happy camper.

Speaking of Sadie……

This is what she did while I was catching up on some blog reading over the weekend. This is just her head on the keyboard. When I stopped typing to take a sip of coffee, she threw her entire body over it. OK, I get the hint. Close the laptop and play with you instead. Coming in loud and clear.

Have a super fantastic day!

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