Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Purge-apalooza, and other musings

I am on a mission of a purging variety. Call it early spring cleaning because of the early spring temps we are having. I am clearing the decks around here. While I don't feel I am drowning in 'stuff', I know there are items I can get OTP (off the property, as my dad would say). I used to clean my closet, discover things I forgot about, and then leave them in said closet and promptly forget about them again. Now, I'm just going to get rid of those things I've forgotten about. If I haven't missed them in the last 6+ months, then I probably don't need them anymore. Purses, shoes, clothes, old cards, movies, CDs, kitchen wares.......nothing is safe!

I'm actually pretty good about cleaning things out every season and taking loads of donations to Goodwill. Side note: I went into Goodwill for the first time this past weekend. It was scary. I was hoping to find some furniture I could paint or re-purpose on the cheap. Big mistake. We were in there for about 90 seconds when it was clear I was on a fool's errand. I digress. The other day I found underwear hiding in the very back of the drawer from college. Uh, yeah......I graduated in 2005. I haven't been wearing this underwear because I didn't know it was there but frankly, if you have underwear that's older than 25% of your age, it's time to let it go. So watch out, Goodwill. You won't be getting my skanky old undies but you will be getting lots of other things I don't need anymore.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Purge now or risk finding old bloomers in 10 years.

......in health news.......

I am newly obsessed with two things: greek yogurt and flax seed. I'm a little late to the Greek yogurt train. It is an amazing source of protein. If you can get past the thicker texture and find a flavor that you love (honey!) then you should give it a try. Don't give up if you don't like the first brand. There are lots out there. Chobani and Oikos are my faves. I think they are the creamiest one I've tried. The only problem with the flavored Greeks or the fruit mix-in ones is that added sugar. Most of these have anywhere between 15-20g of sugar added. Yikes! One day I hope to be brave enough to try the plain variety. All the protein, none of the sugar. For now, I could eat my weight in honey Greek yogurt......but it's not advised. You can even substitute plain for sour cream in some recipes. A great way to add protein to your meals. I told you I was on a protein kick.

 Ever since I've been on my separate mission to add more protein into my diet, I've been wondering what I could mix into my green monster smoothies besides protein powder because that is expensive. Eureka! Flax seed. It doesn't have crazy amounts of protein by any means but it does have something else. It is packed with heart healthy Omega-3's. According to WebMD, it also has lignans which can help protect against cancer. But first, my friends, you must grind up the flax. If you leave it in seed form, it will travel right through your body without retaining any of its super powers. You can do this in your blender. See?

Mmm, dirt.

Freeze after blending to make it last longer. If you're blending flax and you're wondering what that putrid aroma is. Why it's the flax of course! Don't worry. You can't taste it once it's blended in with the other smoothie ingredients. There are lots of green smoothie recipes out there but here's what John does. He's the blender master around here.

1 large handful of spinach leaves, at least a cup's worth
1 cup milk
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter or Honey, or both if you like it extra sweet
and now.......2 Tbsps flax meal!

Blend until combined and smooth. Serves 2

Your banana doesn't have to be frozen but it stands in for the ice. If you use a regular banana, you will have green juice, which is fine, but not quite as tasty. Dr. Oz loves to talk about his green juice. I have yet to try that recipe.

Have I inspired you to be healthy today? The other day I asked John, "when did I become such a health nut?" He didn't have an answer for me. It's probably gotten more prevalent as I try to bust through my plateau and finish this weight loss journey I embarked upon nearly 8 years ago. I try not to be too in your face with it because people who aren't health nutty like me don't appreciate my cringing at some of their dietary choices. And let's be honest, I can put down a cheeseburger with the best of them. Mmm, a cheeseburger sounds so good right now. See, I have my weaknesses too.

Have a happy, healthy, junk-purging Tuesday my friends!

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