Thursday, February 2, 2012


A couple Sundays ago I did not want to leave the house for anything. Both Friday night and Saturday were quite busy and I wanted some laziness. Unfortunately, I had to go buy deodorant at the drug store. I really tried to get out of making this trip as I stash emergenxy deodorant at my office. John says, "Just put it on when you get there tomorrow." Then I reminded him I had to work out still and might be a tad ripe. I digress. Because I had to put on real clothes, I decided to treat myself to some new nail polish.

This is Lilacism by essie. It's kind of a matte purple, although it looks slightly grey in the picture. It's decidedly purple in person. I dig it. I wanted a lavender shade because I don't have any lavender in my nail polish wardrobe. Lilac was close enough, I suppose. I've never used essie before being a strictly OPI girl. I rather liked the coverage of this though and I think I'll buy essie again in the future. Yes, it's winter times and this is a springy color. I make my own fashion rules.

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