Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Round these parts...

Lots happening here lately, folks. First and most importantly, Sadie......

Got a long overdue hair cut.

Look, Mom, I have eyes!

Well, it wasn't really overdue. I have been trimming the fur around her eyes so she can still see. John and I love her long hair though. She is one sassy lady. When she has short hair, she's kind of a jackass. She runs around much faster than when she has a fluffy mane weighing her down. We had to be very specific about not having her cut by Rick this time as last cut, he butchered her tail. She looks much better now and even got a heart bandanna that she can model during game night this weekend.

P.S. I played around with that second photo in Photoshop on my phone because Instagram kept shutting down inexplicably. Both are fuzzy, my apologies.

Speaking of phones......

John and I have finally finished suffering through AT&T for a 2 year contract and can switch back to Verizon. It's true what they say about AT&T, the service is TERRIBLE! My daily commute is mostly driven on a major interstate highway. I drop my call no fewer than 3 times, every day. It's extremely frustrating. I also drop calls in my kitchen...? So, now that our contract is up and Verizon sells the iphone, we are switching back. That's a done deal. However, I've heard rumor that the iphone 5 is to be released this summer. This puts us in a quandary. Do we switch now anyway and get the iphone 4S or, hedge our bets and go month to month on AT&T (Can you even do this?) in the hopes that the 5 will indeed come out this year? Are you in this same situation? What are you doing or what do you suggest? All opinions welcome!

And lastly, a confession. I am terrible at makeup. I feel like I never really learned how to put it on and am just flying by the seat of my pants every time I pull out the blush. I never think my make up looks particularly exciting so I tried to jazz it up a bit. Step outside of my comfort zone, if you will. 

I bought this multi color pack from Ulta before Christmas. Can you tell my eye shadow is dark green? Probably not. In person you really could and John said it looked fine. I'm on the fence though.

It was Shamrock from Ulta. See how dark?

Anyway, I guess it was a success. I won't get any better at applying it unless I keep trying, right?

OK, party people. That's all I got for today.

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