Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recipe Reblog #5

I woke up Saturday morning, saw John had already eaten toast for breakfast and thought, "We can do better than that."

Low-fat Maple Cinnamon Muffins: I found this recipe with some quick Googling. I picked it over others because I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, also because they're supposed to be healthy. They probably are healthy if you substitute applesauce for oil. Applesauce was the one thing I didn't have, but I did have oil. Since I cut the recipe in half and made only 6 muffins, I took one for the calorie team and used the 2 Tbsps of oil anyway.

                                   Look at the height on these babies! Too much baking powder?

These were not really that sweet. No sugar at all, in fact. But, they tasted pretty good with a little butter on them. I'd try them again in a pinch.

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