Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Running Round-up

Hello February!

First month of 2012 done and I'm really pleased with my running progress thus far. I am right on target for my 500 miles run in 2012 goal.

Here's how my workouts played out:

Jan 1: 3.25 mi in 30:00
Jan 3: 3.4 mi in 30:00, fartlek
Jan 7: 3.45 mi in 30:00 (7mph)
Jan 8: 6 mi in 53:39 neg. Splits
Jan 11: 3.25 mi in 30:00
Jan 14: 3.5 mi in 34:00. :(
Jan 17: 3.4 mi in 30:00
Jan 21: 4 mi in 34:24 (8:35 pace)
Jan 22: 5 mi in 47:20 - sloooow
Jan 26: 3.5 mi in 30:00 - tempo
Jan 28: 3.3 mi in 29:45 - didn't fuel properly
Jan 29: 5.5 mi in 52:30
Jan 31: 1 mi in 10:00, injured

48.55 miles total (slightly under the 50 I wanted but over the needed amount)
This month, I was really focusing on upping speed by throwing in some fartlek (speed play) workouts and really pushing myself when I was feeling it. Unfortunately, I lost some running mojo in there and there were some days that were much slower than I would have liked. But, I also did something I had never done before, negative splits. When you're running, you are supposed to get faster as you go along so you can save some steam for the end. Or so I keep reading. Having only run one race I don't have much experience.

I'm also learning that the more miles I run, the tighter my muscles seem to get. I know yoga is good to combat the tightness and stay super loose but I can't help but feel like it's a wasted workout. You don't burn nearly as many calories as with cardio or strength, at least not with the yoga I've been doing. I need to get over that mentality because it will help in the long run. Ha! Long run.

Here's the problem that has recently arisen....piriformis syndrome. At least that's what I've self-diagnosed. It's a tightness in the hamstring and an acting up sciatica, and I have pain from my right buttock down my hamstring and stopping above my knee. It started in earnest about a week-ish ago when I went over 3 miles. Now it's a lot more prevalent and I don't know what to do about it. I'm hoping extra stretching will do it. If I'm lucky.

Sadly, I haven't lost any measurable weight. I just keep gaining and losing the same 3 lbs. However, I did re-measure myself from the last time (2 months ago) and I've lost a total of 4 inches. Unfortunately, some of that was from my bust, a place I can't afford to lose anything, if you know what I mean. Thanks a lot, strength training. Let's hope that was all back fat.

Stay tuned! More miles to come in February even though it's a short month. Hopefully I'll stay on track, especially with this injury.

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