Sunday, July 25, 2010

6th Super Summer Sunday Salad Supper

This picture does not look very appetizing but on our 6th SSSSS we ventured into the land of steak salads. Another S! Since we have done a lot of chicken salads and last week's Cobb included ham as the protein, it's only fitting that we give steak a try. John loves steak salads and often orders them in restaurants. They are not my fave but I'm a trooper and since we're in the 6th week, I was trying to be inventive.

John marinated some top round in worcestershire, salt and pepper and then stuck it under the broiler for 20 minutes. For a relatively inexpensive cut of meat, it wasn't too terribly tough. It was no filet mignon but really, what is? In fact, we should have been having a real steak dinner because it's Restaurant Week here in Dayton and we were going to go to Fleming's (YUM!). But, this being a non-eat-out weekend and us wanting to save our pennies for all the vacationing we're doing soon, we stuck to our salad supper. Anyway......along with the steak and spinach, I added craisins and blue cheese crumbles. I didn't do my own dressing on this one because for some reason I was feeling totally unmotivated. Kraft's Asiago Parmesan Vinaigrette matched nicely though. This wasn't my favorite salad we've done but you've got to branch out sometime, right?

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