Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Summer Sunday Salad Supper #5

Doesn't that just look scrumptious? On my fifth foray into salad-dom I chose a classic yet never attempted by me salad, the Cobb Salad. A cobb is a salad chock full of chopped toppings. In this case I layered blue cheese, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, ham, cucumber and more cheese on top of a spinach bed. How colorful!! This delicious number was packed with protein and though I don't really like tomatoes on my salad, I had some leftover from the market so I added them too. John ate most of those.

I also made my own ranch dressing. I think what makes a good salad even better is the addition of a homemade dressing. I found a recipe in my blender cookbook that I had never tried for buttermilk ranch. As luck would have it, I had all the ingredients! It was tasty, however, not so much on the ranch flavor. I overdid it slightly while I was grating onion into the dressing so it had a strong onion and parsley flavor that really tasted nothing like ranch dressing at all. But, it was light and creamy and low fat! It paired really well with the cobb salad. Next time though, easy on the onion juice.

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