Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Fair Lazy

My Fair Lazy is Jen Lancaster's 5th memoir. It has an incredibly long subtitle that I won't type out here but basically this is her journey from a reality TV loving woman into a super cultured lady. Jen often suffers from verbal diarrhea in which everything she's thinking comes right out of her mouth to anyone who's nearby. She also hopes becoming more versed in theatre, music, art, international cuisine, etc. will stop this problem because she'll always have something interesting to say.

Lancaster is a humorist, in my mind, but My Fair Lazy wasn't as funny as some of her previous works. I still enjoyed it but I wouldn't start here. Such a Pretty Fat is my favorite of hers. But really, you ought to start from the beginning to get the full flavor of who Lancaster is and her conversational writing style. So anyway, this is worth reading but like I said, if you haven't read anything else by her before, start with Bitter is the New Black. cooking news....

I want to share a delicious and healthy recipe with you that turned out mighty tasty for me this week. It's called the Chicken and Orzo Supper from Eat Better America, a great resource for healthy recipes. Another bonus is that it was very filling and didn't have many ingredients. At only 350 calories a serving, how can you pass this one up?

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