Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Sewing Project #2

My sister registered for a nursing cover but didn't get it which is just as well. I was going to tell her to return it if she had because at $35.00, I thought it was a big rip off. I knew I could make one for about $6.00. She picked out some fabric, shipped it up to me and I got started. I've been saving the link to this tutorial for a LONG time. I'm kind of happy I can delete it now, not seeing a need to make another nursing cover in the foreseeable future.

It has an adjustable neck strap and also some boning so that you can see down in at the baby. I was going to model it for you but I thought that may be kind of creepy. I was going to say, "OK, just picture me nursing this baby." Since I don't have a baby, I wasn't too comfortable even picturing myself nursing one. YIKES to the max! Let's just see the picture, shall we?

I love the color palette of this fabric. I think the aqua, red and yellow really pop against the chocolate brown background. I was also able to do the top-stitching with yellow thread which is awesome because it probably would have otherwise taken awhile for me to use that up. Only 2 more baby sewing projects to go but, I saved the hardest ones for last.

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