Monday, July 5, 2010

Mad for Madras.....and a weekend round-up

This July 4th weekend was a busy one. John and I did a LOT of cooking and washed, what seemed like, a never-ending pile of dishes. I was feeling a bit gloomy because months ago we had planned to be at my family reunion in Vermont over the 4th. Those plans fell through but I haven't been there in 5 years and I really wanted to take John. Maybe next year...... I'm jonesin' for a s'more bad.

I kicked off the weekend taking Sadie on a hike in the Metroparks. I like to do this close to a scheduled hair cut or bath, both of which happened for her on Saturday. Friday night I chop chop chopped lots of vegetables for some sides we would be eating all weekend. Did you ever notice that things like pasta salad make a TON of food? Well, when only 2 people are eating them, you have to eat them for multiple meals. After I write this post, I'll be eating the same meal for the 4th time this weekend and there are still leftovers. See why I was hoping to be with family for this holiday?

Saturday I went to zumba and sewed. I had put Sal the Sewing Machine away for awhile. I didn't sew anything in the entire month of June. My sister had sent me some fabric and lots of instructions for various baby-related projects for me to take care of. I thought I had all the time in the world until I realized she's due in a month. Yikes! Better get sewing. I finished 2 on Saturday and have 2 more left. I'll show you one here.

The curtain saga goes something like this. She registered for bedding at Pottery Barn Kids. Very early on, WAY before the shower, the matching curtains were sold out and not to be re-stocked. Much lamenting from Texas. She (and I) searched high and low for madras plaid curtains to no avail. Finally, my friendly Joann's stocked some madras fabric. Yea hurray! What I've done here is mimic the bed skirt of the bed set that I bought her. Because this is just a valance it sewed up pretty quickly. I used white broadcloth for the top, madras on the bottom, and navy grosgrain ribbon to detail so they would look like she bought them with the other things.

I wanted to hang it on one of my rods to show you how it hangs but the finials wouldn't fit. Pretty cute, right? The walls in the nursery are light blue so I think it will fit right in. Here's a close up.

When I finish everything up and package it for Austin, I made her promise to send me a picture of the finished product in its final environment for all of you to see. I'm super thoughtful.

Saturday night we went out to our new favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, how patriotic of us! It was delicious but that really started our downward holiday weekend eating spiral. I know I keep saying it but for real this time, I've got to buckle down in the next 2 months before the cruise.

Sunday I laid out at the pool and then we went to the outlets hoping for some great deals. I only bought 2 blouses for work so that trip was a big fail. I guess I didn't need to spend the money anyway. More eating and then we went to an outdoor orchestra concert. Well, we tried to go but only heard 2 1/2 songs. We got there late remembering that last year there was an intermission and a second half. Because it was blazing hot outside, we figured we'd just see the second part. Wrong. They were definitely finishing up when we got there. Skunked. We did see fireworks from our balcony though. That was nice because we didn't feel like driving anywhere else to see them.

Monday I went to the pool again. I'm really trying to tan slowly because I'm prone to burning. But, if I use suntan lotion and go in little spurts, well it seems to be working. I have freckles on my nose at least. We went to the mall and also got oil changes for both cars. This is my least favorite chore. Anything car related really. Those are man errands. Hate it.

And now I'm staring down a work week, even though it is shortened. I've had a few short weeks in a row and now, no extra days off until Labor Day. This may take awhile.

Hope you had a happy holiday too!

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  1. I can't wait to see everything! I'll send pics soon :)


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